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Outdoor portrait of a woman standing in a vibrant field of flowers under a clear blue sky

Photography, Videography, and Comprehensive Marketing Solutions

Capturing Moments, Crafting Digital Landscapes: Where Art Meets Strategy Through Our Lens

Elegant quinceañera portrait featuring a young girl in a stunning gown, poised gracefully amidst a festive setting
Unlock a world of creative and strategic brilliance. At Beza Media, we excel in capturing the essence of individuals, businesses, and products alike, blending technical expertise with artistic vision to craft captivating visuals and comprehensive marketing solutions. Our approach is tailored to resonate with your unique story, whether it’s through a stunning portrait, a compelling video, or a strategic marketing campaign. We're dedicated to delivering excellence that speaks to both individual moments and business aspirations, ensuring your message not only resonates but also leaves a lasting impact in today’s dynamic world.
Personal branding portrait of a professional woman sitting confidently on the beach at sunset, exuding strength and serenity




There are times when you only need to take a casual picture, and all we need to do is hold up the camera on our phone. But then there are the moments that we want to capture and cherish as a timeless piece of art. Something we proudly display for generations.

We are passionate about producing amazing photographic art in portraiture. Our work is proudly displayed on family home walls, catalogues, and has even been displayed in fine art galleries.

Emotive black and white portrait capturing a tender moment between a mother and daughter, sharing a loving embrace






Unveil the art of brand-focused corporate photography, where our expert lens transforms your brand's essence into captivating visual stories. From team headshots reflecting your identity to product photography magnifying intricate details, we specialize in crafting imagery that commands attention. Beyond the boardroom, we extend our narrative expertise to real estate photography, creating stories that beckon viewers. Let us be your partner in authentically communicating your brand's story through powerful imagery in this visual storytelling era.

Dynamic branding portrait showcasing a product in the hands of an entrepreneur, with a focus on the item's features






Capture the Heart of Your Moments with Our Emotion-Driven Videography! From products to journeys, our diverse videography services tailor to your unique needs. Specializing in product, location, company, family, event, and aerial videography, we craft emotionally compelling stories that connect deeply with your audience. Each video weaves genuine emotions, creating lasting impressions. Choose us for an experience that leaves a mark on hearts and minds alike.





Professional corporate photograph featuring two female colleagues standing confidently side by side in a modern office

Beza Media offers a comprehensive suite of solutions that not only address various aspects of digital marketing and online presence but also enhance the value of its core photography and videography services, providing a holistic approach to client business growth and brand storytelling.

Marketing Strategy and Implementation Services

Develop a unique and compelling brand message that resonates with your target audience. Benefit: Enhances brand recognition and customer loyalty.

Marketing Message Strategy

Create visually appealing and user-friendly websites. Benefit: Enhances user experience and supports your digital marketing efforts.

Web Design & Development

Craft tailored digital marketing plans, including SEO, PPC, and email marketing strategies. Benefit: Increases online visibility and drives targeted traffic to your website.

Digital Marketing Strategy and Consulting Services

Provide ongoing website maintenance and updates. Benefit: Ensures the website remains functional, secure, and up-to-date.

Website Management

Design and implement effective social media strategies to engage with your audience on various platforms. Benefit: Builds a strong online community and enhances brand presence.

Social Media Strategy & Management Services

Manage and create engaging content for social media platforms. Benefit: Keeps your audience engaged and promotes brand loyalty.

Social Media Management and Content Creation


Portrait of the Beza Media team, a smiling husband and wife duo
Elegant boudoir portrait of a woman, exuding confidence and grace, captured in soft lighting to highlight her natural beauty

Hi there! I'm Yasmin. I'm the creative force behind Beza Media. Oh and I also work with my husband Dan. He just looks from behind the camera and pushes the button. Together, we've been creating photographic art for years!

I've been a working model for several years and my husband is an accomplished photographer and videographer, business consultant and former marketing executive. Our goal is to use our combined experience to capture amazing images and video for you that you're proud to display.


Loving couple embracing at the park, surrounded by lush greenery and soft sunlight filtering through the trees

Bob and Czarina

Dan and Yasmin captured our moment in the best possible way. The photos resonates our mood and our relationship with one another. It was effortless, professional and incredibly fun. they made it so effortless where all we had to do is show up and smile. Highly recommended if you want a team that personalizes and plans every detail of the shoot.


Confident salon owner standing in his stylish salon, with a sharp, professional look, showcasing his expertise and passion


When I went to Yasmin and Dan to get head shots for my salon business, they started by asking me about my brand image and what I wanted to portray. After our discussion the created something truly unique for me! I've used their pictures on my salon wall, signs, and banners I use when speaking at events. Since then, they've not only been a partner in creating more pictures for me, but also videos that I use in my social media marketing.


Chic and modern clothing boutique interior, showcasing an array of fashionable attire and accessories on elegant displays

Yasmin and Dan have been our media partners since opening our clothing boutique. We had an immediate need for pictures for our social media to display our merchandise. They responded quickly and helped us shoot everything we need to promote awareness of our clothing. Yasmin even served as a model for us. They created a video of our unique personalized shopping experience and shot all the pictures for our new web site! We continue to find new ways to work together!

Viviana and Dani


Joyful female graduate on a beach at sunset, with radiant sunlight casting a golden glow
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