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Building History: The Journey of Casa Marti and the Legacy of José Martí in Ybor City

Under the warm embrace of Ybor City's vibrant atmosphere, a groundbreaking meeting took place, led by the visionary Ariel Quintela. The purpose? To propel the Casa Marti project into its final, most crucial phase. This project, a tribute to the legacy of José Martí, stands as a testament to culture, freedom, and history, interwoven into the fabric of Ybor City.

Assembled at the historic Parque José Martí, a diverse team of creatives—including architects, designers, muralists, and historians—gathered, unified by a singular mission: to ensure that every corner of Casa Marti breathes the life and spirit of José Martí. Our journey through this creative endeavor aims to educate and inspire, blending visuals and narratives to capture the essence of a man who shaped history.

Through the lens of our cameras, we captured moments that symbolize the project's heart. From the intricate designs discussed by architects to the vivid strokes of the muralist, each image tells a part of José Martí's story, embodying his ideals and his unwavering commitment to freedom.

In the weeks leading to the grand opening, we will share these stories and visuals, weaving a digital tapestry that honors Martí's legacy. Our blog posts, social media updates, and videos will not only document the project's progress but also kindle interest and anticipation for what promises to be a historic unveiling.

As we extend invitations to dignitaries, including the Ambassador of Cuba, we are reminded of the project's significance. Casa Marti is more than a development; it is a bridge between past and present, a place where history is honored and the future is embraced.

Join us on this journey as we celebrate the life and legacy of José Martí. Follow our updates, share in our stories, and be part of the grand opening of Casa Marti, where history is not just remembered, but lived.

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